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General FAQ

At ShortlistMe, candidates answer a series of questions tailored to their industry / profession, not knowing what skills employers are searching for. An employer answers reverse engineered questions and generates a shortlist that only contains relevant candidates that are ranked!

ShortlistMe continues to add industries. We are currently preparing new industries for launch in the coming months. Please contact us at if there are new industries you believe would add value to our offering.

ShortlistMe is configured to work for candidates and employers wherever they are in the world. We provide the platform to allow employers to find candidates either in their home town, or if required, from the other side of the world. There are no borders with ShortlistMe.

If Candidates do not want to be contacted by other third parties, who we believe might be of interest to them they can opt out. Candidates may untick the box in the account admin section of their dashboard. Employers information is not shared with third parties.

Job Seekers FAQ

Your name and contact details are kept anonymous even on any shortlist. Your current employer name is also hidden from any employers. If after reviewing your skills snapshot an employer wishes to contact you they will use a credit and ShortlistMe will provide full access. If you opt for the premium package, all registered employers will directly be able to see your contact details if they click on your profile.

ShortlistMe creates a skills profile based on answers provided to questions asked during registration. As a candidate, you will be provided with a series of drop down menu questions, based on the industry / profession you are experienced in. These questions are reverse engineered for employers who will be asked these questions to find you.

Employers will be asked a series of industry / profession specific questions to identify relevant candidates. Your position on the shortlist is dependent on how close a match your current skills are to an employer's requirements. Your dashboard or mobile app will notify you if you have reached the first page of the shortlist or your profile has been viewed.

ShortlistMe identifies for employers specific candidate skills and competencies based on the type of job or sector they are working in. A Finance Manager, working for a retail company, would register in the Accounting and finance industry not the retail industry. In this example the job skills are accounting and finance related. The candidate, as part of the industry questionnaire will also be asked what industry sectors they have experience working.

Employers FAQ

Are you not fed up of preparing job specifications and deciding which platform to advertise the job vacancy? Our solution focuses on what an employer needs, which is a facility to shortlist candidates based on actual job competencies and industry skills.

As an employer you have free access to our database to shortlist candidates. If you don't find a candidate that has the skills you require there is no cost. ShortlistMe is ideal for smaller businesses on a budget. If there are no suitable candidates that adequately match your requirements you pay nothing.If you do want to purchase credits to view candidates details, any credits you buy are carried forward indefinitely. We want to help businesses. ShortlistMe puts the employer first.

We have consulted with industry experts to determine the key skills and questions that should be asked of candidates. We seek to continue consulting with experts in the industries we cater for to continue developing the question bank and options. If you have suggestions or improvements to our industry specific questions please contact us at and we will discuss with you and consider for future upgrades.

The technology behind ShortlistMe calculates percentage points for each answer in the drop down menu questionnaire you complete. These answers are matched to the same questions asked to candidates to derive the percentage match. ShortlistMe ranks candidates first by the five priority questions chosen by you, then the overall match and then specific skills match.