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We work on behalf of employers to get the best skilled candidates. What ShortlistMe does is simple, candidates answer a series of quick, effective and powerful questions relevant to their particular job function area in a drop-down menu format. These questions are reverse engineered and answered by employers when posting a job, or head hunting the portal direct. Our algorithms match and rank candidates based on these exact selected questions and answers, creating accurate results each and every time.

We do not use key word searches to match candidates; we use exact matches. This allows vast volumes of candidates to remain in the shortlist, as let’s face it, most are following all the advice on how to cheat the AI algorithms! We can guarantee that every candidate in a chosen job function area will make the shortlist; where in the shortlist will be dependent on the employers requirements and the candidates percentage match.

Did we mention that in the interest of reducing the overall cost of employment worldwide, we play our part by allowing employers to post jobs, search and rank our entire database for free. Only if a candidate is a sufficient percentage match which employers wish to pursue, then a nominal fee is paid for credits to unlock candidate contact details. Unused credits never expire, which is our way of helping smaller businesses and the economy grow.

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Tricking the Job Sites

Encouraging candidates to ‘trick’ their way into shortlists is unhelpful for candidates and employers alike. Job boards are moving.....


Charity Partnership

ShortlistMe is proud to partner with United World Schools; a charity dedicated to providing education for out-of-school children in some of the world's poorest regions. We are committed to donating a percentage of our future annual profits to this worthy cause.

For more details, please see their website www.unitedworldschools.org and some fast facts below:

- Builds community primary schools providing free education to children who can't access any other alternative

- Provides a flexible education model that is simple yet effective

- Ensures that grassroots education programmes are locally anchored, protecting indigenous languages, cultures and customs

- Develops schools that teach the national curriculum alongside a UWS curriculum, which helps to diversify the school day.