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Priority match

A priority ranking of candidates based on skills, not key words.

Low cost solution

Pay a small fee for candidate contact details only if you wish to pursue.

Skills snapshot

A job specific skills snapshot of each candidate in a unique format.

Save time

Candidates will be ranked based on a percentage match, saving you time.

Why ShortlistMe?

Our subject matter experts have a deep understanding of the human and technical side behind each industry. Candidates are presented with questions to ensure you are only provided with a ranked shortlist of candidates having the relevant skills required by you.

How it works

A site designed to remove bias in shortlisting and allow employers to find the right candidates that match their industry skills requirement.
We created both a unique candidate registration process and an employer shortlisting process.

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We offer a range of packages that would suit small businesses to multinationals. Credits are only required to be used should you wish to purchase candidate contact details. Contact us to receive some FREE credits.

Option 1


US$ 99.99

  • US$ 9.99 per credit
  • Full job seeker profile
  • No expiry
Option 2


US$ 299.99

  • US$ 2.99 per credit
  • Full job seeker profile
  • No expiry
Option 3


US$ 999.99

  • US$ 0.99 per credit
  • Full job seeker profile
  • No expiry