Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

ShortlistMe puts both candidates and employers at the forefront, instead of focusing on just one user. Candidates answer a series of questions relevant to their core industry, thus eliminating ‘fake profiles’ generated by uploading multiple CV’s. These questions are reverse engineered for employers, which generates a unique shortlist who are then ranked in a percentage match order. This allows greater transparency for employers, and a greater chance of being shortlisted for the right candidates!
ShortlistMe would like to hear from you if your industry is not listed. Whilst we strive to continuously add industries to the site, due to the ever changing economy we live in we may have missed certain industries. It is important to us to include these, so please contact us at and we will aim to include your industry
You bet we are! ShortlistMe is configured to work for candidates and employers globally. We provide the platform to allow candidates to search for jobs worldwide, and employers to find candidates either in their home country or overseas. There are no boundaries with ShortlistMe.
We take security and data protection very seriously. If candidates do not want to be contacted by third parties then there is an ‘opt out’ option available by unticking the box in the ‘account admin’ section of the dashboard. Employers information is not shared with third parties by default.

Candidates FAQ

Your name and contact details are kept anonymous throughout the whole process until an employer wishes to contact you for a job role. We appreciate that most candidates do not want their current employer to be disclosed, therefore this is also hidden. When an employer has shortlisted you they will then use their credits to purchase your details to take the hiring process to the next stage.
ShortlistMe creates a skills profile based on answers provided to questions asked during registration. As a candidate, you will be provided with a series of drop down menu questions, based on the industry / profession you are experienced in. These questions are reverse engineered for employers who will be asked these questions to find you.
Employers will be asked the reverse engineered questions asked of you. Your position on the shortlist is dependent on how close a match your registered skills are to an employer's requirements. Your dashboard will notify you if you have reached the first page of the shortlist or your profile has been viewed.
The one which best identifies your core industry. For example, a finance manager working for a retail company would register in the ‘accounting and finance industry’, not the ‘retail industry’.

Employees FAQ

Yes you can, and for free! As well as posting jobs, ShortlistMe provides employers with access to a full database of candidates who have applied for a specific job, as well as those candidates in the same industry that have not applied for the listed job. This gives employers a much wider target pool of candidates to select from.
Employers have free access to our candidate database in order to shortlist candidates. If you do not find a suitable candidate in the shortlist, then there is no cost to you. This makes ShortlistMe ideal for smaller businesses on a budget, as well as more efficient for multinationals to save time.
We have consulted with industry experts to determine the key skills and questions to ask candidates. We seek to continue consulting with experts in the industries we cater for to continue developing the question bank and options. If you have suggestions or improvements to our industry specific questions please do not hesitate to contact us at and a member of our team will be in touch.
The innovative algorithms used allows ShortlistMe to calculate percentage points for each question answered in the employer questionnaire. These answers are matched to the reverse engineered questions asked to candidates to derive the percentage match. ShortlistMe initially ranks the candidates based on the five priority questions selected by you, then an overall match, and finally a specific skills match.
ShortlistMe is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 11725551.
The registered office is 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ