Shortlisted By Absolute Skills Not Keywords

At present, so many candidates complain of submitting job applications online, without passing the first stage or being invited for an interview. Others also send in their CV's with a well-crafted cover letter and yet receive no reply from different companies. Employers, on the other hand, are finding it difficult to recruit the right candidate due to the overwhelming number of resumes they receive.

Candidates are creating multiple CV’s and tailor them to each job they apply for. If they take the general advice available online, they add certain keywords, so that when it goes through the Boolean search, they pass the first stage of the application process. This shouldn’t be the best practice for an employer to get the right candidate with the strongest skills. There is a question mark over the authenticity of candidate CV’s with these ‘tricks’ to beat the system.

Due to these inherent challenges, most HR departments have been forced to redesign and change how they hire and manage talent. Even with these changes, the challenges of recruiting the best candidate remains.

Shortlisting the right candidate is the most challenging and time-consuming part of the recruitment process. In fact, a survey by talent acquisition managers shows that 46 percent of organisations struggle with attracting the right candidates while 52 percent agree that picking the right candidates from a large pool of applicants is the most difficult stage of the recruitment process.

To help resolve this challenge, was designed and built to match employers with candidates who have the absolute skills they need and eliminate the bottlenecks and unnecessary processes involved in shortlisting candidates.

This unique online tool aligns employers needs with candidates based on industry-specific skills possessed by the candidates, ShortlistMe makes use of skills and not keywords in shortlisting candidates.

When a candidate registers, they are asked to complete the ShortlistMe questionnaire, through a series of drop-down menus. These questions were developed through consultations with industry experts and are unique and specific to the industry that the candidate works in. They also represent what the employers believe are important. Questions and answer options are reverse engineered for employers in order to create an absolute match.  

Employers no longer have to rely on keyword searches, which do not provide the right result. Instead, they are allowed to filter the database of candidates and the powerful algorithms shortlist and rank the most relevant candidates within seconds.

An employer filters the database for free and identify the candidates who have the relevant skills that matches their criteria. ShortlistMe provides percentage applicability of each candidate based on chosen shortlisting criteria.

Finally, it is vital to note that all candidate searches on ShortlistMe are performed at no cost. All you need to do as an employer is to register on the site for free and be matched with the right candidates that suit the need of your organisation.

If you are looking to change career and want to be headhunted locally or internationally then register for free at