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Industry specificquestionnaires

Job seekers answer a series of questions, related to their industry / profession, using drop down menus. Questions are dependent on previous answers provided. There are no right or wrong answers in ShortlistMe. Job seeker questions are reverse engineered for employers, matching the required skills and competencies with registered job seekers

Priority match

After answering the questionnaire, employers select their 5 priority skills and competencies. ShortlistMe creates a shortlist, ranking only job seekers in that industry / profession. A solution that allows job seekers to differentiate and employers to search relevant talent with ease

  • Priorities based on business needs
  • Ranking of candidates
  • Wide search criteria possibilities
  • No two searches are the same

Industries we cover

Head hunting and shortlisting is available for the following industry sectors. Job seekers can differentiate through our industry questionnaires. Search based on absolute competencies, not key words

Skills Snapshot

Employers can click on a ranked job seeker in their shortlist and receive a skills snapshot, demonstrating that job seeker's suitability

  • Visually captures job seeker suitability
  • Industry specific
  • Priority match selections highlighted
  • Free to view