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A quality resume is an important tool for job seekers, as it can help them stand out from the competition, demonstrate their qualifications, and increase their chances of landing a job interview. It's often a daunting task to cover all relevant points in your resume that a Human Resource Manager looks at. ShortlistMe's professional CV creating tool helps you deliver and cover every detail without any misses.

Qualities of a good resume

Here are some qualities of a good resume:

Clear and Concise:

A good resume should be easy to read and clearly present the information that the employer needs to know. Use simple and clear language, bullet points, and a clear layout to make it easy to skim.

Relevant Information:

A good resume should only include relevant information that is directly related to the position you are applying for. Tailor your resume to the job description and include skills, experience, and qualifications that are required for the position.

Quantifiable Achievements:

A good resume should highlight your accomplishments and achievements in previous roles. Use specific examples and quantify your achievements wherever possible to demonstrate your impact and value.


A good resume should be error-free and demonstrate your attention to detail. Proofread your resume carefully and ask a friend or mentor to review it as well.

Professional Tone:

A good resume should use a professional tone and avoid slang or overly casual language. Use action verbs to describe your accomplishments and highlight your skills and experience.


A good resume should be customized for each job application. Avoid using a generic resume for every application, and instead tailor your resume to the specific job description and requirements.

Relevant Education and Certifications:

A good resume should include relevant education and certifications, especially if they are required for the position. Highlight any advanced degrees, specialized training, or certifications that demonstrate your qualifications for the job.

Contact Information:

A good resume should include your name, phone number, email address, and any relevant social media profiles. Make sure your contact information is easy to find and up-to-date.